The Signing of a pledge against changing the Constitution: the Way to a similar situation as in Burkina Faso

A commitment against changing the Constitution was signed on Thursday 15th January 2015 in Brazzaville by over 45 people representing political parties, two of which are from the dictatorial majority and civil societies associations.

Few hours after the signing of this commitment, the publication of a statement was made, first in the history of the Congo, is bad news for the Congolese dictator and his servants, who in addition to his weakness and diplomatic isolation, losing every day political support within and outside his party.

Far from assimilating this situation to that which preceded the fall of Blaise Compaore in Burkina Faso, participation in the signing of the representatives of the two political parties of the dictatorial majority and of the Secretary General of the UPADS often presented as playing the game of the frontage of the opposition to the regime, can only remind us the signing of an agreement between representatives of the Burkinabe opposition against the revision of the Constitution.  Signature, which was attended by companions and longtime friends of former President Blaise.

Looking back onto 2014, we can still observe that “the signing of this commitment by politicians from the opposition and dictatorship majority is a step towards the” Ouagattitude ‘”; taking up the brand-slogan of the great freedom fighter, Nicolas Hempel alias “The trouble maker.”

Congratulating the initiators of this commitment of which Paul Marie Mpouélé, the political core of the MCCD, salute all signatories actors of which Tsaty Pascal Mabiala, Mathias Dzon, Clément Miérassa, Jean Itadi, to name just a few. And also the MCDDI representative in its capacity as observer. While some of them have gone through a long period of political and strategic misunderstandings, by this act, these political actors have all shows audacity, responsibility and patriotism.

It is clear that having understood that only the themes of “No change of the Constitution and the consensus definition of the electoral content” will allow “The joining of forces” against a third term of the despot General Denis Sassou Nguesso, the Congolese political actors proved how much they are committed to democratic change, peace and security.

Convinced of the imminent end of Denis Sassou Nguesso dictatorship that has no room for error, the political core of the MCCD, hopes that the signatories of the agreement “stick to their word this time” in accordance with its content and actively participating in its realisation.

MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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