Revolution in DRC: wings of events of 19th January what conclusions drawn from this mobilisation?


On Saturday, 17th January 2015, the anniversary of the death of Patrice Lumumba, the supporters of Joseph Kabila had surprised the entire national opinion by implementing their secret plan to “vote the draft law relating to the census before the presidential elections.” Bill that would allow Kabila to remain in power beyond 2016.

In order to understand the issues of this mobilisation and their consequences on the implementation of the African Spring, that began last October in Burkina Faso, the MCCD political core has bring closer its diplomatic partners and networks in Kinshasa.

Indeed, after a mobilisation failure on Thursday 15th January, due to divisions within it and the lack of gathering forces, as had been able to emphasise the political core of the MCCD in the publication of the Voice of the free people of 16th January, the opposition on the other side of the Congo seemed to regroup on Saturday.

Domestically, while concerns were oriented to demand the organisation of a dialogue as stipulated in the Lusaka agreements, the UDPS of Etienne Tshisekedi who asked his supporters not to respond to the call by other opponents to whom he accuses the recognition of Joseph Kabila as “legal president” has come to understand this Saturday 17th January 2015 that the vote of the bill by the Assembly is a big step towards strengthening the Kinshasa government beyond 2016.  He then decided to join with others to organise a mass demonstration on 19th January 2015.  Except this decision taken hastily did not allow the only political organisation in the DRC capable of putting thousands if not millions of supporters in the street, to refine a combat tactic.  Nothing was set. The various assembly points, routes that allow crossing of protesters towards goals to be taken under control, supervision of demonstrators to prevent their dispersion and dip in looting; while in many places, Kabila’s henchmen are on the defensive, falling even running away.

On the diplomatic front, nothing was prepared that allows worldwide media broadcast and intervention of Western leaders in order to bring added value to the fight. While there were only few months, “the non-retention of power by Joseph Kabila beyond 2016 was considered as a requirement from the US administration.” The little lobbying to the NED, led by the opponent Vital Kamerhe, considered by Tshisekedistes as one of the facade of opponents, would not be at stake.

Worse, in the mediatic level, no official Western media looped the serious events in Kinshasa and Goma with already multiple victims. Even France 24 that spoke softly in its previous editions, observe radio silence in its edition of 20 hours. The efforts for years by fighters of the Diaspora have not allowed them to leverage networks in the Western media.

Far from presenting all the details behind the scenes of events of 17th January in the DRC, the political core of the MCCD noted that despite the lack of unity and coming together in their preparation due to the feeling of egos between political actors, those are the proof of obsession attachment of the Congolese people of the DRC to democracy and freedom.

Although many would like to see Joseph Kabila toppled at the beginning of these events, the political core of the MCCD emphasises that they enabled the forces of the nation to record a major victory, “the postponement of the plenary of the Senate” which was to rule on this controversial bill.

By asking on Monday night telephone operators to simply top any possible access to internet and sms/text messages in the country, Joseph Kabila is showing how desperate he is and he is more than ever afraid of the people willing to fight.

The political core of MCCD raises the question of “how long Joseph Kabila and valets think to silence by force the people obsessed of freedom? “.

Affirming its support to the neighbouring Congolese people, the political core of the MCCD invites all the forces of the nation to a patriotic uprising by concealing their differences and their egos to build together in unity, the tactic that allows defeating a diehard power at bay, capable of doing several victims for selfish interests.

Only this burst will honour the memory of all those patriots fell yesterday for the national cause.

The latter reactions Tuesday evening from France and the United States on the situation deserve greeted beings.

 MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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