Power, sex and money: Denis Sassou Nguesso would he pay the price of its diplomacy mistakes based on sex and money?

For several months, the voice of the free people has continued to denounce the hazardous diplomacy of Congolese dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso. reasons of his weakening internationally.

After persistent tensions between the Congolese dictator and the Central African President, the signing of an agreement on 28th January in Nairobi, Kenya between former Seleka and anti-Balaka in the presence of former President François Bozizé and his defeater Michel Djotodia is proof that 40 years of political life in the foreground, marked by assassinations of former President Marien Ngouabi and the unique Congolese Cardinal Emile Biayenda would not have served Denis Sassou Nguesso to have experience allowing him to become a great chief diplomat to whom everyone would turn to, to resolve conflicts.

Indeed according to our diplomatic sources, contrary to what have speculated through contradictory articles, by some journalists at the service of the Congolese dictator. Kenyan mediation that led on 28th January to the signing of the Nairobi agreement, would not be the work of man of Mpila.

Everything would have started in July 2014. The US convinced of the double-dealing played by the general of Congolese armies, proposed to their French partners to find a way to start, as in the case of Blaise Compaoré, for the Malian conflict, parallel mediation that would destabilise the arsonist firefighter Denis Sassou Nguesso. The French even less enthusiastic, however decide to make contact with the Angolans whose president could lead mediation.

The Congolese dictator certainly aware of the maneuver, decided especially to invite the Central African President to Brazzaville during the Sibiti’s festivities on 15th August 2014. His plan is clear, “put mom Cathy under his control and to be able to manipulate her well.” All the accustoms know that for many dictators, the romantic relationship is a means to control and weaken his opponents through what they call “ambassadors”.

As one of the few heads of state who made the trip to Sibiti, and mom Cathy has being honored on 15th August to the point of irritating mother Antou alias “Ngouli.” All observers present at the famous Evening had noticed the annoyance of mama Antoinette, who according to our sources danced “alone without papa happiness” her favorite song “Ngouli” wrote in her honor by the singer Koffi Olomide.

Dad had preferred to open the famous ball with mom Cathy and had disappeared in search of happiness, abandoning mother Antou alone with the children in full festive delusions.

Except, that the Congolese dictator does not know, mom Cathy is not these women who let themselves be impressed by petrodollars, even if they needed to pay salaries and establish her policy for the nomination in the next election. Her “No” has been categorically pointed out to the man who believes his permitted to do everything in all its forms. The next day when mom Cathy gets back home, she found that the diplomatic case unfortunately did not contain petrodollars that the dictator amassed by selling off the wealth of a nation.

A few days later, the worthy president of Central Africa is received in audience by the Angolan President José Edouard Dos Santos, chairman of the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region. On the agenda of their meeting: the process of peace, stability and national reconciliation between Central Africans. One would not need a Diplomatic aggregation analysis to understand that the mediation of the self-proclaimed Denis Sassou Nguesso is drowning and disavowed.

Except that this attempt of rapprochement between the Central African President and the President of Angola has resulted in a financial fiasco. Because, unlike his Congolese counterpart that he helped in 1997 to return to power by force, the Angolan President Dos Santos despite his longevity in power has never approved how the Central african authorities have managed the loan that he had given to this brother state. Dos Santos is not like Denis Sassou Nguesso who gives petrodollars in bags called “Nguiris” without looking and without worrying about what the happy beneficiaries will do with the money. According to our sources, the Congolese dictator is very happy with this episode of tension between Angola and the Central African authorities.

Except that the inexperienced Congolese dictator does not know, US are very angry by this episode, and they decided to put in the game, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. The good image enjoyed by the latter is reinforced by the latest ICP decision to cancel all proceedings against him.

On 30th December, when RFI announced negotiations in Nairobi between former Seleka and anti-Balaka in the presence of François Bozizé and his defeater Michel Djotodia, the Congolese dictator has no choice but to acknowledge this meeting called informal. What Denis Sassou Nguesso forgets is that, this work; of leading Western players already want to prepare the foundations for a resolution to this conflict before his departure. This formula had also been used in the Malian conflict, in launching Algiers’s negotiations called “informal” at first. As Denis Sassou Nguesso today, his brother Blaise Compaoré was also blown hot and cold on the Algiers’s negotiations.

All insiders know that Kenyatta could never engage in such trials without the blessing of the great Barack and Holland. And especially by inviting Bozizé and Djotodia to the negotiations table.

The tears of the Congolese dictator amuse many insiders in the matter. There are no contradictions in the Sassou’s game as claimed by some journalists. The contradiction lies rather in the publications by these journalists, who although having some relationships with dictators must think before publishing articles to entertain the people.

Moreover, Catherine Samba Panza only pays its intransigence on the refusal to see Bozizé and Djotodia in the game. The Westerners who supported his candidacy to lead the transition finally realised that the dice were in the hands of Bozizé and Djotodia.

Participation in the efforts firstly the release of the hostages by anti-Balaka and secondly the arrest of Dominic Ongwen (no2 of the Uganda rebels) by former Seleka, to consolidate this feeling and to precipitate the signing of this agreement in Nairobi.

It is clear that the current president of the Central African Republic will have no choice but to bow to the Nairobi negotiations.

As for the Congolese dictator whose servants and griots have always found imaginary qualities of a great leader of the world with Oyo that would become a hub of African diplomacy, he has only his eyes to cry and initiate warlike messages written with all the lack of diplomacy ever.

Those who dream that the Congolese despot can still bounce back and regain control are greatly mistaken.

Denis Sassou Nguesso is at a crossroads. His end is imminent while flowing slowly.

MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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