Political health and power for life: from operation “Mbata ya Bakolo” to the African Cup of Nations, the dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso in search of an imaginary plane B

Many political leaders have always used “patriotic mobilisation” to try to gained back political trust among opinion of their people. The latest is the rebound of more than 20%, according to several surveys institutions, positive feelings of the French people towards Francois Hollande as to lead many to wish his re-election in 2017.

Struggling for several months, the dictator Sassou Nguesso, launching “Operation Mbata ya Bakolo” had succeeded in creating a “false” sense of patriotism and security guarantor to some people with weak minds, decided to relaunch this operation hoping to “entertain our people” and recover trust.

Furthermore the Congolese dictator would hope according to our sources, on the CAN 2015, which is currently taking place in Malabo to gain a little trust. “The Congolese dictator bases its hopes on the feat that could achieve the” Diables Rouges “in Malabo.” A return of the national team in Brazzaville with “the cuts ” 43 years later, would create a national euphoria that would lead his followers to regain control and soar to ask his hold on power.

Although hoping with all vows the victory of the Diables Rouges, the political core of the MCCD reminds the Congolese dictator and his supporters that as petrodollars and false work “accentuated on municipalisation” did not lead our people to grant him a single credit, as an African Cup that would be won at the cost of the efforts of our young people who, for many have taken the path of adventure to escape the madness of his dictatorship cannot change their opinion about the dictator.

The dictator Sassou Nguesso, really believes that our people are fooled?

Neither is Mbata ya Bakolo nor any African champions trophy cannot give whiff to a desperate man whose supporters are starting to let go one by one.

Many of our countrymen have finally understood that their life would be better and better without the dictator Sassou Nguesso. This feeling is gaining more and more areas of our Armed Forces.

The despot dictator has no more leeway. His end is ever more imminent.

MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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