Mo Ibrahim Reward: A second snub for the dictators and their corrupt economists

Mo Ibrahim

For the second consecutive year the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has estimated Monday, October 14, that no African leader had met the criteria for management and for democracy for hoping to win the Mo Ibrahim Reward. With the name of the Sudanese billionaire, founder and chairman of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the reward “for leadership excellence” concerns Heads of State or Government elected democratically. This annual reward is the most important in the world, which is amounting to $ 5 million paid over 10 years and is then supplemented by an annual payment of 200,000 dollars for the rest of life. Since its establishment in 2007, only three heads states who are listed as winners: Joaquim Chissano (former President of Mozambique) in 2007, Festus Mogae (former Botswana president) in 2008 and Pedro Pires (former President of Cape Verde in 2011. It is a real snub for African dictators and their corrupt economists and financial friends, giving them false notes.

Commending the courage and honesty of Mr. Mo Ibrahim, who notified at AFP that this reward is  only for “excellence” and there was no room for “compromise.” We have thought to express, on behalf of MCCD that is the Voice of Free People, an official correspondence for our recognition and encouragement to the chairman of Foundation Mr.  Mo Ibrahim and the award committee chaired by Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim who is former Secretary General of the African Unity Organization. For information, the dictator of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso ranked 18th out of 52 countries on the Ibrahim Index for the Good Governance. This index is based on 94 indicators such as: security and respect of rules of justice and human rights, the creation of economic opportunity and human development. On what data director of Unicef  were based, September 23, concluding that Congo was highly advanced on …

MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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