Freedom and democracy against terrorism and dictatorship: the sense of the MCCD fight

In response to the terrorist barbarity that killed 17 people in France, the whole world has responded to the call of President François Hollande to participate or to show solidarity with the French people to “march for freedom and against terrorism.”

Several million people including 50 heads of state and governments from around the world participated in this “historic” march.

The political core of the MCCD, who condemned at early hours in the publication dated 7th January, this terrorist barbarism and showed support to the families of the victims and to all the French people, welcomes this global mobilisation for freedom, against terrorism and obscurantism.

Terrorism being none other than the dictatorship, the political core of the MCCD find in this historic march, “wisdom” of his fight against the vile and barbaric dictatorship in Brazzaville, embodied by the General of army Denis Sassou Nguesso.

By committing to gather around the “MCCD” Congolese Movement Against Dictatorship, Congolese patriots have, like all people around the world, the choice of:  freedom and not the dictatorship, freedom and not terrorism, dignity and not humiliation, Justice and not of injustice, tolerance and non barbarity, audacity and not of lowering.

Three days of barbarism led the world to realise how terrorism, hence the dictatorship can cause so much human misery. But the historical mobilisation of 11th January 2015 is a sign of hope, a signal of expectation in the civilised world toward all weaken nations, disarmed and freedom loving. But also a clear message, strong and firm to all terrorists or inhuman and barbaric dictators. “The after January 11 will not be like before.”

Terrorism or dictatorship has no place in this world, a global village where human being wants to live free.

 Nobody can be Coulibaly and Kouachi brothers who find pleasure to assassinate innocent journalists and police officers, as no one can be Denis Sassou Nguesso who allowed murder of 353 innocent young people in Brazzaville’s beach, who can allow rape of women by his henchmen.

While the international community and the Congolese people are asking him not to amend or change the constitution, the dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso prefer to choose arrogance and stubbornness in wanting to totally change the fundamental law; at the cost of arbitrary arrest and the blood of innocents.

The free world has no place for terrorists or dictators such as Denis Sassou Nguesso.  Unless they finally choose the right side.

After 11th January 2015, which world’s political leaders would still support the dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso in his madness? What journalist would still put his pen to the service of this dictator?

Taking enthusiastically slogan of this historic mobilisation “I’m Charlie,” the political core of the MCCD shouted with joy “I am Freedom.”

 MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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