Electoral law at the edge of the Congo River: and if the census is ultimately one of the solutions of the despot Denis Sassou Nguesso?


Since the beginning of 2014 the debate on the review, modification or constitution change occupies African political life to the point where many dollars scavengers offer their services to dictators increasingly in trouble.

After the fall of Blaise Compaoré, despite the lobbying work in his service of some communicators and corrupt institutions, the streetlights were mainly pointed at both sides of the Congo River. Because the two men sometimes accomplices father / son of circumstance, sometimes suspicious neighbours looking like china dogs have the same fate as the former strongman of Faso, who became lonely in a secret guarded palace in the Kingdom of Morocco. The common destiny is “the departure from power by the end of 2016”.

Pressed from all sides by the mobilisation of the Congolese people and the international community not to touch to each respective Constitutions, the masonic guru and his spiritual son were as good paratroopers soldiers launched in a test jump at a height that the shock could still be amortised. In the image of the satirical picture published in Jeune Afrique few days after the fall of Blaise Compaoré, showing the guru and his spiritual son sitting worried and wondering “who will do the test jump”, Denis Sassou Nguesso very smart convinces his counterpart to engage first. He knows that the success of his son Joseph enhance its chances of success without touching the constitution. Because one of consensual claims from all forces for democratic change is “political dialogue for governance or control of the electoral process.” What basically means lighthouse expression that asks the Congolese opposition of one of the river of the Congo River, while on the other side, his neighour in no way interested in it?

This simply means that it will need to review the content of the “electoral law”. So doing again the administrative census, review the composition of the Independent Electoral Commission, overwise need implementing.

Taking account of metaphor would mean that “the same causes produce the same effects,” as sung and desired by many opposition fighters and since the fall of Blaise Compaoré, the political core of the MCCD found it necessary to analyse these late events in order to set in motion the reflection that allows forces of the nation for democratic change, not to get into the claims that could benefit the dictator Sassou Nguesso. How to explain and understand that what is considered to be a term extension strategy for Joseph Kabila, can it be a way for the opposition of the other side of the Congo to destabilise the initiator guru?

We must not be fooled to understand that machiavel Denis Sassou Nguesso, repeating the words of his former deputy Defense minister, do not take this opportunity to extend his famous last term.

The political core of MCCD fits in its objective, the end of the dictatorship that passes through consciousness awake of our people.

This is why it is the question of whether “a political dialogue convened by the dictator at bay, that would lead to a census does not allow the General of armies to gain time and go beyond 2016? “. This shift will lead us to a facto exit of the constitutional framework; Basic demands of the departure of the despot dictator.

It is up to each of patriots mobilised against the power of the dictator for life Denis Sassou Nguesso, to start thinking in order to build more credible and safe topics for the victory.

This is the sense of RESPONSIBILITY and whose base is “political movement and dynamic.”

No change in the constitution represents clearly the strong topic for the requirement of the end of undivided power of Denis Sassou Nguesso. Pedestal of claim around which all the forces of the nation should, as in Burkina Faso and DRC mobilise.

The MCCD, the Voice of the free people, is part of this duty to awaken consciousness and shock wave action so that no opportunity is given to the dictator Sassou Nguesso.

MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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