DRC: vote by the Parliament of the controversial law, opposition falls into the politician trap of the power.

On 25th January, the two DRC parliaments Chambers have ADOPTED the famous controversial bill, which caused several manifestations with many casualties.

The call to protest launched by the UDPS of Etienne Tshisekedi after the announcement of the vote of an ultimately ambiguous law, justifies analyses of the political core of the MCCD based on information received from its partners, who observed that opponents of the DRC have missed a good opportunity to get raid of Joseph Kabila, because of lack of gathering unity, between political players and demonstrators coaching.

The step back of authority from whose actors such as the President of the Assembly, which convened January 17th sly plenary voting the bill could not be considered sincere. It is more than ever time for Congolese opponents of the DRC to establish a large gathering platform with a clear and effective content to prepare the great battles to come. For considering that Joseph Kabila still holds in his arms all the financial powers of the country and all its authority is weakened, would be able to show a great political amateurism and a lightness of analysis.

The proof, ambiguities continue in the adopted text. For the disposal initiated by Senators clearly notified of the obligation to hold the next presidential election on schedule by the Constitution has been removed. Worse, this law conditions the holding of legislative in 2016, to the census that will start this year.

It is clear in light of all these elements that the step back of kabilystes was only a means to reduce the tension and act in the same political vein to impose their plan.

It’s down to the opposition and the people to be more than ever mobilised and make a good start by organising themselves to prepare for the true mobilisation in the coming days. There is no need, after the failure of organisation found in recent days, to embark on the path of precipitation calling only the people to go on the street. Especially as these political leaders have not demanded the release of all young people arrested, imprisoned and presented by the government as looters. These politicians were rather eager to welcome the small false victory on the day the President of the Assembly politically announced the withdrawal of the controversial article.

Why this opposition really did not understand that when able to mobilise some of the people so much so that the international community and the majority of African brothers to stand up and to request end to the massacres, it should not stop fighting until the enemy of the people is weakened, even toppled? What a mess!

Beyond the mistakes of the opposition in the DRC, the political core of the MCCD is confident in the intelligence and the startle capacity of the Congolese people, obsessed by freedom.

This is why the MCCD political core raises the question: “After all these victims and this mobilisation, why is Kinshasa’s authority is playing with fire? “.

One thing is sure; the despot Denis Sassou Nguesso will never have such a chance. When we had the chance to find a recipe that eliminates a virus, it should not stop treatment and claim victory. Because, the latter will eventually mutate and harm you.

The Congolese people have paid the costs in 1997 after pardoned five years earlier the general armed Denis Sassou Nguesso. As smart as he was, he did not hesitate to return to power by weapons, aided by foreign troops and mercenaries.

Denis Sassou Nguesso will not have the chance to entertain our people. He will be defeated and toppled.

MCCD: The Voice of Free People

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