CONGO – BRAZZAVILLE: Attempted abduction of Mr. Paul Marie MPOUELE, Coordinator of the Platform “Save the Congo”. …

The Congolese people defied the state of emergency and curfew decreed on 31st January 2015 by the dictatorial government of Brazzaville, following the CAN football match between the two countries of both sides of the Congo River.

However on the night of 1st to 2nd February 2015, Paul Marie MPOUELE escaped a kidnapping attempt sponsored in the spheres of military power in Brazzaville. He narrowly escaped with the intervention of fellow freedom loving and democracy, we here salute the sense of patriotism and commitment to the price of enormous sacrifices for freedom live in Congo – Brazzaville and Africa in general.

We remind you that Mr. Paul Marie MPOUELE, Coordinator of the Platform “Save the Congo” is also Coordinator of the Rally of Young Patriots (RJP) and member of the United Front of the Management Board against the violation of Constitutional Order.

MCCD – The Voice of the Free People

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