African Union: a step by chameleon’s step in a game of balancing

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On Monday 08th July 2002, the Organisation of African Unity “OAU” held its last summit in Durban at the edge of the Indian Ocean, thus giving birth to her daughter “African Union”, as had so desired Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Although inspired by the European Union in its statutes, the African Union is considered by the majority against the African people as a single group of African dictators and despots who would use this tool to equip themselves with some international stature. Consideration due to the multiple decisions or inglorious actions conducted by this institution.

Far from coming back on all these incomprehensible decisions taken since the creation of this institution, whose entire majority of the staff is chosen by the member states, the political core of the MCCD wanted to highlight the last two to date: the appointment at its last Summit in Addis Ababa of despot Zimbabwean “Robert Mugabe” and the trip in the coming days to Kinshasa by the former Togolese Prime Minister Edem Kodjo as a special envoy of the President of the Commission. The purpose of this trip: “Probing the current head of state Joseph Kabila on his intentions for the 2016 presidential election.”

While the international community has condemned “with strong voice” violence orchestrated by Kabila’s men during the recent protests against changing the electoral law, and urges to Kinshasa to promulgate the new law amended and passed by Parliament as is evidenced without ambiguity by Russ Feingold, Special Envoy of the United States for the Great Lakes region, which in a statement recalled “the respect of the constitution and the holding of elections on time.” The African Union is still in the phase of probing dictators.

As in the Burkinabé revolution who was right about Blaise Compaoré, the African Union always wait for more damage from dictators and be forced to leave, before offering his mediation skills with a “council of wise men for peace and security. “

It should be clear that, although the newspaper serving the griot dictator Denis Sassou Nguesso didn’t mention it in its articles, Russ Feingold has remind that “the respect for constitutions is a necessity, more a requirement for all African countries, including Congo Brazzaville. “

Here too, the African Union is preparing to send its pollsters to each African dictator to know what they would do.

What a strange institution whose the basic idea of it creation in the replacement of her late mother “OAU” was to promote the rules of democracy, Pan-Africanism, respect for African people, solidarity, peace and sharing.

More than ever convinced of the victory of freedom fighters against the forces of General Denis Sassou Nguesso, the political core of the MCCD hope end of dictatorships and expression of democratic change in Africa, will return to its basic rules of construction of this regional institution.

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