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Created in Netherlands on January 21  2012 under Act No. 54503477 of the Chamber of commerce, the Congolese Movement Against the Dictatorship (MCCD) is a movement which brings together on one project, all women and men, citizens of the world and defenders of the values of freedom, justice and democracy; values that are factors of progress and development through peace and good governance.

The values of MCCD
The Congolese Movement Against the Dictatorship (MCCD) is a movement founded on the values of freedom, justice, peace and democracy. He brings in his breast and a common project all Congolese people, defenders of the values that are factors of progress and development. The MCCD wants to create a society where everyone can live free and flourish in security. A society where everyone values the effort and where each has its place. The reason for our struggle is to regain these rights that define the social stability and success for the progress and development which is through the strict use of the following indicators:

  • The reform of political culture in line with new mentalities;
  • The social protection and the guarantee of the life security;
  • The democracy and good governance;
  • The economy and good management of natural, financial and human resources;
  • The development of the strong educational and cultural system;
  • The organized public and privately;
  • The protection of the environment and the ecosystem;
  • The acquisition of science and new technologies;
  • The globalization.

 The MCCD struggles for modern public institutions that reconciled the antagonisms of the past around a political realism which must guarantee the future of our country. This is not to want change for change, but the reform in the service of the Nation and for the progress. The MCCD calls everyone to mobilize himself and put the cap on the common effort of change to ensure the common future. It is this space that he wants to prevent the future, proposing a Congo that will be free, democratic and supportive.

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